Kora's story

"Starting my care with the Chiropractor Dr. Chan has brought numerous positive changes to my health and well-being. The tense low back pain I experienced has subsided greatly. I am beyond amazed at how much the adjustments have impacted my sleep, posture, mood all for the better! I have always felt comfortable to speak to Dr. Chan about my progress which has further contributed to a memorable experience. I used to have pain in my knee and this was due to a misalignment in my pelvic bones. I was not aware of this and today (6 months) later this is no longer the case. Can't say enough about my chiropractic care!"

- Kora, Age 24

Arif's story

"I got drastic changes ever since I joined Chiropractic. Before 6 months, my whole structure was out of order and was hardly able to stand for even 5 minutes straight. After 6 months of Chiropractic, it has filled my life with hope and [I am now experiencing] a healthier side of my life. Now I feel I could be a stronger and normal person as I was at my youth."

- -Arif, Age 45

Jeime's story

"Since I started my treatment, I feel more relaxed. For the first time, I feel more energy and find I can turn my head in line with my shoulders. After a few sessions, I also found when I weighed myself, I lost pounds! Chiropractic makes me feel that I am standing straighter too."

- -Jeime, Age 31

Alvictson's story

"The best Chiropractic clinic in Etobicoke. - It's only been a short time I have been coming here but I've noticed improvements when it comes to my posture, weight and most of all, my lower back. I've come to this place because of my lower back injury. Ever since my first couple of visits, my lower back has been getting better, I am able to pick up my daughter who is 4 years old, and that's just the start of this therapy! I am hoping to return to work when all is well. As for now, baby steps with every visit. Thank you very much for your help with my family and I!"

- -Alvictson, Age 33