Juliana's story

"My family and I (husband and two kids - 4 and 2 years old) have been coming to Clarity Wellness Chiropractic since March 2018. I have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis that results in chronic neck and back stiffness and pain. Since coming, I have noticed a reduction in my level of stiffness and pain and improvement in my mobility, which then positively affects my sleep, mood and the rest of the day! I'm thankful for how Dr. Clarise cares for each patient and that she doesn't only focus on symptom management and pain relief but more holistic health. I strongly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking to improve their daily functioning."

- -Juliana, Mom of 3

Henry's story

"Since I started visiting Clarity Wellness Chiropractic, I have experienced increased energy, postural awareness, and I sleep more soundly! The care I have received has given me the confidence to get back into yoga and I have been enjoying my practise without pain! I’m extremely grateful for the healing! The adjustments have had a massive positive impact on my life! Thank you Dr Clarise and Karen!"

- -Henry, Avid Yogi

Alex & Tina's story

"Excellent service and beautiful office! We love the drop down table technique! We recommend Clarity Wellness Chiropractic to anyone, she takes her time and her approach is fantastic!"

- -Alex & Tina, Entrepreneurs

Tim's story

"I've been seeing Dr. Clarise for treatment approximately 2.5 years now. It's literally been life changing. When I first started treatment, my right arm had a pinched nerve that was progressively making the numbness worse each day. Playing volleyball regularly, it had come to point where I switched to playing with my left arm due to the lack of strength and pain in the shoulder joint. My physiotherapist said it was likely a torn rotator cuff and I would need surgery that would end any volleyball using my right arm. I happened to be in the area on business and a local real estate agent recommended dropping by to say hi to the new tenant, Dr. Clarise. That was the beginning of my road to recovery. Within several treatments, the numbness in my arm had disappeared. I had not mentioned my shoulder pain, thinking it was unrelated. However, after about two months of treatment, the strength started coming back to my shoulder. After attempting to serve with my right arm again, the serves started going out the end of the court! My teammates asked why I was missing so many serves. I realized it was because I'd previously had to put in all my strength just to get the ball over the net! Now I had to start holding back as the strength came back. What a surprise! I continue treatment to keep my spinal column in good health and look forward to the quick, efficient visits each week. I would highly recommend a visit to Clarity Wellness if you are looking for chiropractic treatment. It's a friendly and welcoming office and most importantly, they are all about getting your body back to what it was meant to be"

- -Tim, Avid volleyball player