About Me

About Me I am a wife to an incredible husband, an aunt to two beautiful nieces and a mother to three sponsor children in Brazil, Kenya and Bolivia. When I am not in the office, you can often find me at my CrossFit box doing a WOD or appreciating the beauty of Lakeshore through a run. I am a huge health advocate and have a knack for trying new and healthy recipes in the kitchen. Being a resident of the Humber Bay Park area, my desire and passion is to see this community grow and become healthier, one family at a time!

I am part of a world-changing coaching organization called Warrior Coaching (http://warriorcoaching.global) whose vision is to help set people free to live the abundant life. Every few months we attend seminars to train hard, serve more, love more and dream bigger. Being a part of this amazing community of Chiropractors and Business leaders has forever changed my life and calling as a Chiropractor. I am also partnered with Chiropractors with Compassion (http://cwccanada.org) whose vision is to release children from global poverty in third world countries. To date, we have been able to complete over 20 projects in places such as Uganda, Kenya and the Dominican Republic. I am extremely blessed to be able to partner with them in making not only a local but global impact for His kingdom.